20th Conference: Students for Students – Lecturers for Students


The 20th edition of the Students to Students - Lecturers to Students conference took place on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

The aim of the conference was to present the results and conclusions from the research conducted and the experience gained while writing diploma theses (bachelor's or master's) in written and project form.

The conference was attended by students defending their diploma thesis in the academic year 2023/2024 at the University of Management and Psychology in Poznań.

The conference began with a lecture "Lean Green for improving process productivity" by Mr. Mirosław Bachorz, a specialist in Lean Management and environmental protection, with over ten years of professional experience acquired in various industries. He is a popularizer of the Lean Green idea, i.e. the use of Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma to eliminate unnecessary or excessive consumption of raw materials, materials, water and energy in the company, as well as to prevent waste and pollutant emissions in the entire value stream.

The rest of the conference was carried out in three parallel panels, divided into students writing:

diploma theses at first-cycle studies
Rector prof. WSZiBP, Dr. Magdalena Mazik-Gorzelańczyk
prof. WSZiP Dr. Tomasz Sierpowski
Loose Dorothy
Agnieszka Mroczka

Ewa Janowicz

Lucyna Kusztelska – Kokot

Daria Subsar

Mariola Sidwa

diploma theses in second-cycle studies
Dean prof. WSZiP, Ph.D. Małgorzata Michalik
prof. Ph.D. Henryk Mruk
​Iwona Pelińska
Victoria Buczma

Katarzyna Kania

Maciej Hojan

Maja Grześ

Katarzyna Joanna Ludwiczak

Sylwia Łucka

Julia Elizabeth Linette

diploma theses in the form of a project for first- and second-cycle studies
Vice-Rector prof. WSZiP dr Bartłomiej Juras
​Oliwia Kowalska, Julia Michalska
Nikola Rutecka, Rafał Dutkiewicz

Hubert Tyrkiel, Wit Walczak, Grzegorz Niemczyk

Jadwiga Bielecka-Trzaska, Magdalena Malicka, Natasza Gajewska

Monika Szaradowska, Paweł Podpłoński

Adrianna Bar, Szymon Majewski

Wiktoria John, Oliwia Kulmińska, Marcelina Lewandowska

Wiktoria Murawiak, Monika Płaczek

Congratulations on the very high level of your speeches, excellent preparation and time discipline!