Psychology master's studies (5-years)


Full- time mode

Classes are held from Monday to Friday at the School premises. Exceptionally, some lectures can be delivered online, also live, in the form of videoconferencing. Study materials for lectures are available to our students via Moodle Platform.



Part-time mode

Classes are held on weekends (Saturday and Sunday, on average twice a month). Workshops and exercises are carried out at the School premises, and lectures are mostly online, also live, in the form of videoconferencing. Study materials for lectures are available to our students via Moodle Platform.




Students choose their major course in the third year of studies. Core subjects introducing the major courses are taught in earlier semesters. Each major course comprises 10 subjects that are taught in the fourth and fifth year of study.

The major course is available for a group of minimum 4 students enrolled




At WSZiP, you can study Psychology on master's studies (five years).

These are studies with a practical profile, characterized primarily by a greater number of workshops, simulation training and field activities on the site conducted by research- informed psychology practitioners - they constitute over 50% of all classes. They are implemented using methods that actively involve students in work (projects, exercise tasks, simulations, debates, games, role-playing), divided into smaller groups. Theoretical knowledge is provided during lectures, the materials for which are posted on the Moodle platform ,

Outstanding scientists and practitioners were invited to join the lecturers team. They include, among others: prof.Ph.D. Michał Ziarko, prof. Ph.D. Ewa Mojs , prof.Ph.D. Tomasz Hanć , Ph.D.​ Maia Stanisławska- Kubiak , Ph.D. Dominik Czajeczny , Wojciech Żak, MD, PhD, Wojciech Strzelecki, PhD, Beata Bochnia, PhD and Marcin Kochanowski, PhD . The lecturers are professionally active clinical, educational, organisational and sports psychologists, as well as psychotherapists, psychiatrists and cognitive scientists, and also managers of recruitment companies and HR departments. The study program was also consulted by representatives of NGOs, family support centers and orphanages, as well as the medical community.

Students complete their studies with the defense of a diploma thesis, which allows them to obtain a master's degree in psychology .

Education begins with subjects providing the basis for the field of study, which are developed during chosen major courses and classes preparing for psychological practice. These include subjects introducing evidence-based trends of psychotherapy - psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral with elements of schema, systemic, humanistic and positive therapy, as well as solution-focused therapy. This allows our students to better understand the nature of their future work and choose a path for further development as a therapist.

Professional internships are an integral part of the study program. Our School provides internship jobs. Students can also provide internships on their own.

Some of the practice-oriented classes are carried out using a simulation and observation laboratory and a psychometric laboratory with psychological diagnosis tools. Additionally, some classes take place under the supervision of instructors in care centers, hospitals and institutions dealing with intervention and therapy for children and adolescents.

Knowledge of various methods, techniques and tools for diagnosing human behavior and the ability to undertake psychological interventions will allow our students to use  adequate therapeutic techniques at  their future work.

High personal and social psychological competences obtained during studies will allow our graduates to provide psychological support and assistance in an attitude of openness and respect for other people.

The School of Management and Psychology in Poznań has been focusing on identifying educational needs in society for over 30 years and uses its innovative potential to introduce specialists sought by the changing society and job market.

The psychology program at the School of Management and Psychology in Poznań was created taking into account the requirements for the European Psychologist Certificate. EuroPsy  states educational standards and practices entitling graduates of the field to be entered in the European Register of Psychologists.








The fees consist of three elements:

  • entry fee - initial administration fee for the enrollment process
  • tuition fee – you can pay it in six instalments per semester or at once upon the beginning of each semester, depending on what you chose in your education contract
  • fee for additional services – charged only for additional educational and administrative services, their amount is specified in the annex to the education contract

The fees included in the study contract are not subject to change throughout the duration of the studies.

There are no hidden costs or fees at WSZiP in Poznań!






To register for studies at WSZiP in Poznań, simply deliver by post or in person the following documents:

  • The secondary school leaving exam certificate, original or copy issued by the school, in Polish
  • Your 1 current photo in accordance with the requirements applicable to the issuance of identity cards
  • Confirmation of payment of the entry fee
  • ID card or passport to confirm the candidate's data (if documents are sent by post – to be presented during the first visit to WSZiP)
  • Recruitment form*
  • Consent to the processing of personal data*
  • Academic Oath*
  • Two copies of the  signed study contract*


* You can download the documents below



Candidates are admitted on the basis of the results of the Matura exam:

in Polish language taken in writing at the basic level with a weighting of 1.5


in a subject chosen by the candidate, taken in writing at the basic level with a weighting of 1.0


a selected subject taken in writing at the advanced level with a weighting of 2.0.


the diploma grade in case of candidates that are already graduates of bachelor's, master's or postgraduate studies with a weighting of 2.0

In addition, the Recruitment Committee may award the candidate additional points for extra activities in the field of voluntary work – such as participation in thematic competitions, olympiads or volunteering. Documented activities can increase your score by up to 5 points.

To be admitted to studies, you must obtain a minimum of 90 points.


Example 1:

basic Polish language - 50% * 1.5 = 75 points

basic mathematics - 55% * 1 = 55 points

TOTAL POINTS = 75 + 55 = 130 points


Example 2:

basic Polish language - 50% * 1.5 = 75 points

extended mathematics - 35% * 2 = 70 points

TOTAL POINTS = 75 + 70 = 145 points


Old Matura exam grade converter:

until 1991

from 1991 to 2004


percentage result


















Candidates are required to have English or German language proficiency certified by their high school leaving certificate.

Candidate may also present a certificate proving knowledge of English/German at  B1 level.

Candidates who do not have the above documents will be interviewed, during which the teacher will confirm their level of knowledge of English or German at level B1, which will be the basis for the decision on admission to studies.




The internship starts from the 7th semester and does not involve additional fees for the student.

The student's tasks during internships in schools, clinics, foundations, hospital wards and rehabilitation and care centers include in particular:

  • conducting two psychological diagnoses of cognitive processes, intelligence, emotions and personality (one concerns an adult, one concerns a child), diagnosis using tools that the student got acquainted with during coursework, including: Wechsler test, IDS, EPQ-R, INTE, CISS, PZN, interpretation of results, test performance confirmed in the internship journal,
  • discussion of test results with the client/patient, task completion confirmed in the internship journal,
  • development of recommendations regarding psychological support for the subject or his or her family, confirmed in the internship journal,
  • participation in meetings with teachers (1 time) or participation in visits to the ward at least 2 times (confirmed in the internship journal),
  • participation in meetings discussing the test results of the respondents (at least 6 times), confirmed in internship journal,
  • documenting psychological test results for internal use (minimum 2) and external documentation (minimum 2), confirmed in internship journal,
  • collecting an in-depth interview (2) in accordance with the protocol used at the internship site, confirmed in internship journal.

The above-mentioned tasks are aimed at gaining practical knowledge of conducting psychological examinations, administering tests and their interpretation, preparing documentation, as well as strengthening communication skills in a professional environment.


During internships in the field of organizational psychology, student should accomplish in particular:

  • participation in the recruitment process (observation) used by a given organization,
  • independently conducting a selected test used by an organization ,
  • preparing a draft recruitment announcement for a position (the internship supervisor prepares the task at a detailed level),
  • preparing a draft of workshops aimed at supporting the mental health of staff in the organization,
  • creating prohealth programs for employees, including workshops, joint activities and educational posters,
  • assisting in the preparation of employee evaluation cards or comprehending the ones used by the organisation,
  • getting acquainted with the principles of keeping documentation of recruitment and selection processes,
  • development of a description of 1 job position selected by the supervisor and assorting proper tools to verify the competencies desired for a given position (as a simulation),
  • identification and description of stressors at the workplace selected by the supervisor.


Recruitment Office:

street Robocza 4, room 3 (ground floor), 61-538 Poznań
tel. 61 835 15 11
mobile 601 305 212


Recruitment Office opening hours:

The office is closed on Mondays
Tuesday-Saturday 8.00-16.00
Sunday 8.00-13.00