About us


Our educational mission is to empower ours students with complete set of modern knowledge and skillful training to obtain competences crucial for successful business career, legal expertise or psychological practice. The Founder of The School of Management and Psychology was MSc. Jerzy Pietrzyk. His idea was to create friendly and inspiring academic environment for both students and lecturers, encouraging enterpreneurial initiative and  understanding the importance of legal knowledge and behavioral sciences.

The School of Management and Psychology in Poznań has quickly become a showcase of Wielkopolska region in non-state academic education. Already in 1995, we obtained the authorization to conduct studies at the master's level in the Management and Marketing field of studies and in 1997 also in the field of Administration, and at the bachelor's level in the field of Political Science. In 2001, we were awarded with a diploma of recognition from the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland "For the courage to create higher non-state education". From 2023 we conduct 5-year master's studies in the field of Psychology.

The confirmation of the high-quality educational standards is the positive assessment of the State Accreditation Committee evaluating the quality of education in the fields of: Management (December 2004, March 2010, April 2016, September 2022), Political Science (February 2006), Administration (November 2008, June 2010, September 2015, September 2021).
For over 30 years, we have educated 40 thousand graduates whose knowledge and managerial skills are highly valued by their employers. Today, WSZiP is synonymous with stability, learning-by-doing approach and focus on quality. Since 2000 we conduct all the classes and lectures in our own modern building with the Student Service Center, Dean's Offices and the Library at ul. Robocza 4 in Poznań.


The founder of our University, Jerzy Pietrzyk and prof. Henryk Mruk during a meeting with students at the Student Club in the Old Market Square in Poznań