Guest lectures in Germany on Polish-German relations


March 30 prof. WSZiB Dr. Magdalena Mazik-Gorzelańczyk, Rector of WSZiB gave a lecture in Dresden, at the invitation of the Osteuropa Institut, on Polish-German economic relations. The participants of the meeting were employees of German universities, students, entrepreneurs operating in the state of Saxony and members of the association operating at the Institute.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Peter Neuman, President of the Institute. Among the topics discussed, the issue of mutual Polish-German investments and the dynamic development of trade aroused the most interest. In 2022, Poland became the fifth largest trade partner of Germany in terms of turnover, ahead of France and Italy in imports of this country. Polish investments in Germany have tripled in the last decade. Germany, on the other hand, has been a leader in Polish foreign trade for years. Poland and Germany together account for over 120 million consumers, and both economies have been among the top EU countries with the lowest unemployment for several years. Their development potential is not decreasing, only the centers of gravity and trends are shifting. It is worth taking an interest in these issues as part of diploma theses.

The high interest in the topic abroad is visible in the number of invitations for the Rector of WSZiB to share the latest data and discuss with various circles of recipients in Germany. The next lecture will take place on April 19 for German students at the Internationale Begegnungszentrum St. Marienthal near Görlitz in Germany.

Students willing to write diploma theses on Polish-German relations are invited to a diploma seminar conducted by Rector Magdalena Mazik-Gorzelańczyk.