E-commerce program

Description of the studies:

We measure success with numbers. Starting from 2017, over 55% of Polish internet users bought online, almost 15 million people. Online shopping is perceived as simple and convenient, also cheaper and takes less time than in traditional stores. The value of the Polish e-market already exceeded PLN 70 billion. Your business must become part of this success! Thanks to the postgraduate studies in e-Business, you will recognize your own needs, you will easily choose the appropriate store platform, you will learn to pay attention to crucial issues when working with the designers of your e-store. You will understand how important it is to stock up, prepare your store for search engines and unique content. The Internet is a huge source of knowledge, with a good analyst you will learn how important role it may play in your future e-store. You will learn about tools that integrate store platforms with ERP programs and marketing techniques that allow you to acquire customers. You will understand what conversion is and how to set goals and make social media sell. Plus you will get acquainted with Google Adwords and comparison engines. If you want to successfully face the future, study e-Business at WSZiB.



Postgraduate studies price:

5000 zł




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Postgraduate studies program: 120 hours (40 ECTS points):

The specificity of modern e-business

Characteristics of commercial businesses in the 21st century
Transformation of traditional businesses towards e-commerce
E-shops market and operation of business models
Mechanisms of operation of individual platforms, models and affiliate programs
e-commerce Polska / Świat
From off to online - start thinking like a web user

Be in front of the e-consumer

Polish Internet user
The winding path of the consumer in the network
e-commerce or m-commerce
What is the purchasing process
The impact of content on purchasing decisions
The impact of a customer-friendly website on its content consumption
Website functionality

I am / plan to be an e-seller

Which e-commerce platform to choose
How to prepare for sale
How to stand out from other sellers - content / assortment
Sales channels; what and how to join them?
Sales service from one place - not only convenience, but also speed / automation of processes
Online invoices and logistics - what to choose and how to integrate with each other
Sales and warehouse software
What can you make money on the web? Only in the store? Other activities on the Internet.

Managing a demanding e-customer

Demanding, difficult or troublesome client - will the sales approach always work?
Finding the language of benefits in customer service at the level of the correct description of the subject of sale
Communication; contact / chat / blog / social media /
Threats; negative opinions / difficult entries, incl. in social media

Web analytics

What is an analyst for and why is it so important
Characteristics of analytical tools
Tracking what is it and how to implement Google Pixel and FB Pixel
The impact of analytics on sales

The importance of e-marketing in the purchasing process

Why is it worth to bet on your own brand and how to start building it online
e-marketing; tools and methods of acquiring e-customers
Where to start as a seller? setting goals, identifying needs,
Optimization of marketing activities; selection of tools and size of the budget
Why do we need analytics so much in marketing activities?
Do we build knowledge inside the company or rent an agency?
I can make a product description, create good content, take photos, design simple graphic messages for the store / social media
Non-standard activities - is it worth it and what are the risks involved in implementing them
SEO activities and their impact on websites / storefronts

Legal aspects affecting the operation of the network

Legal regulations regarding e-commerce
Consumer rights
Online stores and protection of customer personal data

Admission conditions:
The condition for admission to studies is the submission of documents, including a copy of the diploma of completion of bachelor's or master's studies, and payment of the enrollment fee.

Completion conditions:
Completion of the studies takes place on the basis of credits for individual modules and the final interview during the last conference. The student should demonstrate knowledge, skills and social competences acquired during the studies and as part of their own work. After completing the studies, the student receives a Certificate of Completion of Postgraduate Studies.

3.00-3.49 dostateczny
3.50-3.70 dostateczny plus
3.71-4.20 dobry
4.21-4.49 dobry plus
4.50-5.00 bardzo dobry

Head of postgraduate studies:
dr Alicja Malewicz-Pełczyńska

Postgraduate Program Consultant:
mgr inż. Artur Brzęczkowski, współzałożyciel Allegro.pl

Duration of studies:
The program covers 120 hours. The studies will last two semesters and will be conducted in an extramural system, in Saturday and Sunday sessions.
Number of hours in the first semester: 60
Number of hours in the second semester: 60