SAP® S / 4HANA program

Description of the studies:

During the SAP postgraduate studies you will learn how to improve the operation of the company in specific areas, based on SAP® solutions - the undisputed world leader in systems supporting company management (with particular emphasis on S / 4HANA - the latest version of the ERP system from SAP). The study program allows you to learn about the latest trends in the IT systems market for business, including process automation, digitization, mobility and cloud computing. The instructors who conduct the classes will present how a modern IT system improves everyday work in any department - whether finance and accounting, procurement, logistics and production, sales or HR. You will learn advanced tools supporting controlling and reporting. During the studies, you will also gain basic knowledge about SAP project management and SAP systems environment management, including - the methods of migration to S / 4HANA.
Regardless of your position in the company, knowledge of all these issues significantly broadens your competences, increasing your promotion opportunities and providing an advantage on the labor market - in large and medium-sized companies in Poland and abroad.
The content partner of the studies is SNP Poland - SAP Gold Partner, the largest company implementing SAP systems in Poland, as well as part of the international SNP Group - a world leader in the field of SAP environment transformation.





Postgraduate studies price:

5900 zł


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Postgraduate studies program: 120 hours (40 ECTS points):


The latest trends in IT systems supporting management (8 h)

Digitization and automation
Mobility and self-service
User experience - a revolution in the user experience
Cloud technology
The new generation of IT systems from SAP - an overview
SAP S / 4HANA - the latest ERP system from SAP

SAP in finance, accounting and controlling departments (16 h)

Financial and strategic planning
Forecasting and budgeting
Financial analysis and reporting
Financial liquidity management
Accounting in SAP
The system and the law: VAT, "white book of taxpayers", Split Payment, JPK
Settlements with suppliers and recipients
Controlling based on SAP

SAP in procurement, logistics, production (16 h)

Optimization of purchasing processes
Inventory management and inventory
Advanced warehouse management
Models and strategies of production planning
Quality management
Renovation economy and maintenance

SAP in sales departments (16 h)

Customer service
Distribution, shipping and transport
Pricing management
Invoicing and debt collection
E-commerce - EDI, webportals and e-commerce
SAP C / 4HANA - digital platform for interaction with customers in the omnichannel model

SAP in HR departments (16 h)

A revolution in HR solutions: digitization, cloud, mobility
Core HR: HR administration, payroll
Recruiting & Onboarding, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Succession & Development on the SAP SuccessFactors platform
Effective planning and settlement of working time
Employee experience, employee self-service
HR digitization, employee e-documentation (e-files)
System and law: regulations of the labor code, health and safety, PPK

Modern reporting in SAP Business Intelligence (16 h)

The revolution in in-memory data processing and real-time reporting
Manager dashboards, data warehouses, reporting by business users
Data visualization in SAP Lumira
SAP Analytics Cloud - Cloud Reporting
Advanced predictive analytics

SAP project management (16 h)

Overview of SAP project types - business and technology projects, implementations and transformations
Implementation methodology of SAP projects
SAP project management in an international environment - SAP rollouts, Fit & Gap analysis
SAP project manager - role and competences
Managing relationships with external service providers

Migration from SAP ERP to the latest SAP S / 4HANA environment (8 h)

Why migrating to S / 4HANA?
The most popular approaches to migration projects: Greenfield, Brownfield
Selective Data Transition strategy and SNP Bluefield approach
Migration support solutions: SNP Transformation Platform and CrystalBridge

SAP environment - maintenance, management, cloud (8 h)

Strategies for maintaining the SAP environment
User support models (internal, external helpdesk)
Cloud for SAP - but what kind?
Cloud Migration - Safe Transition
Managing relationships with external service providers



Admission conditions:
The condition for admission to studies is the submission of documents, including a copy of the diploma of completion of bachelor's or master's studies, and payment of the enrollment fee.

Completion conditions:
Completion of the studies takes place on the basis of credits for individual modules and the final interview during the last conference. The student should demonstrate knowledge, skills and social competences acquired during the studies and as part of their own work.

3.00-3.49 dostateczny
3.50-3.70 dostateczny plus
3.71-4.20 dobry
4.21-4.49 dobry plus
4.50-5.00 bardzo dobry

Head of postgraduate studies:
prof. WSZiB Dr. Bartłomiej Juras

Postgraduate Program Consultant:
Andrzej Moskalik

Duration of studies:
The program covers 120 hours. The studies will last two semesters and will be conducted in an extramural system, in Saturday and Sunday sessions.
Number of hours in the first semester: 60
Number of hours in the second semester: 60