Management in health care program

Description of the studies:

The studies are intended both for people who already work in the field of health care and for people who are planning to work in the area.
They will allow you to gain extensive knowledge in the field of health protection, among them:

principles of health care functioning in Poland in comparison to health care systems operating in selected countries,
economics and finances of healthcare entities, including: implementation of a new standard of cost accounting, valuation of medical procedures, basics of classification, coding and tariffication of medical services, practical rules for developing restructuring programs and consolidation processes of healthcare entities on the Polish market (M&A processes),
health protection law, including, inter alia: review of the legislation in force in the field of health care, rules for the establishment and registration ("step by step") of a medical entity, pharmaceutical law, patient rights, legal aspects of medical professions, rules for keeping medical records, public procurement in relation to healthcare entities, legal aspects of contracting and settlement of contracts for the provision of medical services,
marketing of health services and products with PR elements, practical e-marketing principles, communication with the patient and the environment, internal communication,
IT systems used in health care, including in addition to the review of IT systems functioning in healthcare entities, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the development of medical services. All of that conducted by experienced instructors with IT experise.



Specialty: Management of medical entities

The aim of the classes conducted as part of the specialization is to familiarize students with the latest achievements in the field of management of healthcare entities and to educate managerial staff who will be able to manage healthcare institutions in a modern, innovative and optimal way.
The program of the specialization covers the expansion of students' knowledge, among others, in the field of: designing optimal and innovative structures of medical entities, principles of strategic management of a medical entity and its human capital, management psychology, lean management in health care, project management in health care, conflict resolution in a medical organization.

Postgraduate studies price:

4850 zł


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Postgraduate studies program: 120 hours (40 ECTS points):


Functioning of health care in Poland, including: basic problems of the functioning of health care in Poland
Planned changes in the functioning of healthcare in Poland
Systems and models of health care functioning and financing in other countries


Health protection in the public finance system
Health insurance system in Poland - organization and functioning
Fundamentals of the economics of health care
Basics of classification, rating and coding of medical services
Drug management in a medical entity
Standard of cost accounting in healthcare entities
Standard of cost accounting in healthcare entities - workshops
Controlling costs in the hospital
Investments and sources of their financing
Restructuring programs for medical entities - practical aspects
Consolidation and deconcentration processes on the Polish medical services market


Legislation in the health care system
Act on medical activity
Establishing a medical entity and the conditions for performing medical activities in various organizational and legal forms - workshops
The process of transforming a public health care facility in the light of applicable regulations - commercialization and privatization of medical entities
Pharmaceutical law in the practice of a medical entity
Patient's right - Doctor's rights
Legal aspects of performing medical professions
Medical incidents and errors
Legal aspects of applying new technologies
GDPR regulations in the practice of a medical facility
Principles of keeping medical records
Selected issues of economic law for health care units
Public procurement law in health care
Legal and economic aspects of contracting and accounting for contracts for the provision of healthcare services
Selected issues of labor law, including labor law in health care - Current solutions in the field of employment


Legal aspects of marketing activity in a medical entity
Marketing of health services and products with PR elements
E-marketing in practice
Communication with the patient and the environment, internal communication
The quality of services in health care and marketing


IT systems in health care
Influence of AI on the development of medical services


Designing the organizational structures of healthcare entities, including the development of an optimal medical program for a healthcare entity
Strategic management in health care
Innovative models of healthcare organization
Lean Management in health care
Human capital management in medical entities
Quality management in healthcare entities
Compliance in health care
Project management in health care
psychology in management
Leadership - Managerial skills - effective leadership and people management
Conflict in the medical organization
Compensation and bonus systems in a medical facility

Admission conditions:
The condition for admission to studies is the submission of documents, including a copy of the diploma of completion of bachelor's or master's studies, and payment of the enrollment fee.

Completion conditions:
Completion of the studies takes place on the basis of credits for individual modules and the final interview during the last conference. The student should demonstrate knowledge, skills and social competences acquired during the studies and as part of their own work. After completing the studies, the student receives a Certificate of Completion of Postgraduate Studies.

3.00-3.49 dostateczny
3.50-3.70 dostateczny plus
3.71-4.20 dobry
4.21-4.49 dobry plus
4.50-5.00 bardzo dobry

Head of postgraduate studies:
prof. WSZiB Dr. Bartłomiej Juras

Duration of studies:
The program covers 120 hours. The studies will last two semesters and will be conducted in an extramural system, in Saturday and Sunday sessions.
Number of hours in the first semester: 60
Number of hours in the second semester: 60